Teaching: A wonky good time!

I'll get back to the quilt-making rampage I referred to in my previous post tomorrow (or perhaps the next day!) as I have 2 new quilts to show off, but first I want to share some pictures from my last improvisational quilt class!

Improvisational Quilting Class, April 2011
Lots of sewing!
And designing!

These ladies were so much fun.  I'm always amazed at how each person interprets the class in a different way and each quilt is so unique to the quilt-maker.  One of my students, Elena, started a quilt in the first class and had it finished (mostly!) AND selected for a show by the next class!   

Improvisational Quilting Class, April 2011
Elena's selected quilt is in the center, the one to the left of it is the one she started on between class sesssions!


  1. Really love these - I've yet to try my hand at this technique, but definitely will when I get a few WIPs finished!!

  2. Wow! Just saw all the QIPs on flickr. Each and every one is AMAZING! You must be a great instructor!