Going down the Drunkard's Path.

It's not what you might think.  I haven't gone round the bend with a bottle of whiskey.  But, I  have wandered a bit on the Drunkard's Path recently.   I have this wonderful solids charm pack from Robert Kaufman that needs to be made into a quilt.  So, I started drinking thinking, and that's when I got involved with this tricky little block.
The Drunkard's Path Die (makes 2 blocks)

A friend lent me his new toy, a die-cutter for fabric called the Accuquilt Go Baby.  One of the die cuts is a 3" drunkard's path block.  The coolest thing about the Accuquilt is how fast it can cut up a TON of fabric.  The not so cool thing, is that I cut up a bunch before I really thought about what I was doing.  Wah, wah.

It took about 5 minutes to cut up my Kaufman charm pack with the Accuquilt.
What a beautiful scrap heap!  I can't bear to throw these little strips away.

Now I've got all these little bitty curved blocks to piece and arrange.  So far, I'm struggling.

As usual, I turn to Google images for help.  Here are my favorite arrangements.  As it turns out, my most favorite is a Gee's Bend quilt.  Go figure.
Lucy T. Pettway "Drunkard's Path" Variation (Snowball) ca. 1950
Ripple Quilt by Dan Rouse
Drunkard's Path by Nora Lehmann at Painter's Progress
Drunkard's Path Block by Kate at Needle and Spatula

And then, I started designing some myself.  Here are a few of the designs I'm considering.

1. Drunkard's Path: circles, 2. Drunkard's Path: vertical lemons, 3. Drunkard's Path: quartered, 4. Drunkard's Path: dark and light, 5. Drunkard's Path: crash dummy circles, 6. Drunkard's Path: mosques

Which one do you like best?