Making: The Code Quilt

This was supposed to be the backing of the Embers quilt.  I made it using a bunch of the scraps left behind while making that top, but, I've decided I like it too much for it to go on the back.  It will be its own quilt.  I think I'll call it "Code."

It is very big.  Much bigger than this photo shows, really.  I'll try to get a better picture of it once it's been quilted!

Learning: Textility

Today, I'm enjoying this Flickr slideshow of the Textility show from the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. 

My favorite is the work by Derick Melander.  Which do you like best?

Making: The Embers Quilt

I started working on this quilt in my last Confetti Quilts class.  I fell in love with the Kona Charcoal fabric I used.  It's not black, but a veeerrrry deep grey.  I'm calling it "The Embers Quilt" because the little bits of bright scraps add kind of a bright, burning look.  At least, that's what I think!

Sewing Studio Upgrade

It was time to give my little sewing studio a make-over.  And who doesn't like to see a sad "before"...

...and happy after?

Here are a few of my favorite things in the new studio:
  • My 8' x 8' design wall!  It's flannel, padded, and beautiful - even when it's empty!
  • The fold out table that's adjustable to big or small projects.  It's the same table that I used before, but I modified it by putting some Ikea shelving beneath one leaf of the table, and now it is so much more useful!  It also rolls if I need to move it out of the way.
  • I love all of the new shelving and drawer space.  I've already filled my bookshelves to the brim, though.  Does that mean I have to stop buying books?
  • The quilted pet beds in the corner.  One for cat and one for dog.  They needed a new space in the new space!
  • The printed waxed paper garlands from Mangle Prints that I got on Etsy months ago in preparation for the new studio!
  • This list could go on....and on....and on...