Completed: Hand Tied Quilt

Call me a quilt snob, but the idea of completing one of my quilts by tying it just never occurred to me.  It's not that I don't like tied quilts, they just seemed like a bit of a cop-out.  Then I saw this Amish inspired baby quilt by my friend, Edith, and changed my mind.
Edith's Hand-tied Baby Quilt
The technique she used is called "crow-footing."  Some people call it a "decatur knot."  I just call it cool!  There are no little knot ends left on the surface of the quilt top (or bottom), because the threads are buried within the quilt sandwich.  Here is an excellent photo how-to posted by another fan of the technique who merely goes by the Flickr profile, Decatur Knot Fan.  Who-ever you are, thanks!  There's also a great discussion covering all aspects of tying quilts from inspiring pictures of tied quilts to links for tutorials and other tips and tricks over in the Tied Quilts group on Flickr.

Well, at the time I couldn't remember what the technique was called, so I went ahead and made a simple quilted blanket using square knots of lavender embroidery floss on an antique silk sari with a linen backing.  I love how it turned out - tasseled knots and all!
My hand-tied quilt


  1. i looooooooooove your hand-tied quilt. that time you brought it to the meeting, i seriously considered accidentally dropping it in my bag so it could come to a sleepover at my house!!!!
    so soft and so cuddly yet sophisticated!

  2. I love this quilt. I have been wanting to try to tie a quilt for a long time. You have just inspired me!

  3. Thank you! I love it, too! I can't wait till I have time to make one that's "grown-up" size.

  4. Oh, that's beautiful. I have also hand tied a few quilts with good results but it's something I don't think to do all that often.

  5. How beautiful is that, I just love it so much.