The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Different Perspectives

We spent the second day of our trip at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I've prepared a photo essay to show the difference between the things I found interesting, and how the exhibits were viewed by my 7 year old (or "8-ish," if you ask him).

My photos from the Met featuring mummy wrappings, 19th century graffiti on Egyptian tombs, and a painted ceiling from New Guinea.
The Met through the eyes of a 7-year old boy.  It's all weapons, body parts and "creepy" sculptures made from found objects.


  1. I think that is fantastic that he got to document his experience. (The angle of the crotch shot is a hoot!) What a good mom you are to encourage him to actively photograph what he found worthwhile!

  2. Ha! Hilarious to see his point of view.

  3. I love your photo montages! Interesting from the perspective of what a 7 year old might see!!