A Visit to the American Folk Art Museum

After giving my 7 year old son the camera at the Met, I realized that was the key to keeping him interested and occupied at the museum while I'm looking at the exhibits. So, I let him take more pictures at the Folk Art Museum. He took these shots specifically for me to use as quilting designs.  Great idea!

Ball Point Pen Drawings by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

These are pen drawings by the outsider artist, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.  Actually, a guard came over and explained that we weren't supposed to be photographing them.  But the pictures were already taken, and I think they're neat, so I'm sharing.

A few other highlights of the museum:

Improvisational Quilts at the Folk Art Museum
Improvisational Quilts

Strawberry applique quilt at the Folk Art Museum
Cute strawberry applique

Dog applique quilt at the Folk Art Museum
Even cuter dog applique - Pugs, perhaps?

I've also been a huge fan of Paula Nadelstern's work and I was excited to finally get to see one of her Kaleidoscope quilts in person.  I've tried making one of these myself, and got as far as one block.  Her process is so exact and intense.  I like a challenge, but it's hard for me to see the big picture when working with such tiny bits.

Paula Nadelstern's Kaleidoscope quilt

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  1. Wow. Those ball point pen drawings are amazing!