In Progress: Improvisational Split Log Cabin in Red and White

While teaching my class on improvisational quilting, I made a class sample!
My class sample
The top is finished, now I just need to make the backing and put it together.

Making: Improvisational Split Log Cabin in Red and White

While teaching my class on improvisational quilting, I made a class sample!
My class sample
The top is finished, now I just need to make the backing and put it together.

Check it out: East Bay Modern Quilt Guild

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild January Meeting
I just posted the meeting notes for our local modern quilt guild.  Head over to the EBMQ blog and check it out!

Inspiration: Estate Sale Score!

Last weekend, I bought myself a most exciting box of suprises.
File Box Full of Goodness

There are so many wonderful little fabrics in  here.  And even some bigger bits.
Scraps o'Plenty!

It's mostly cotton, with some silky/satins mixed in the bunch. 

I'm suddenly feeling the uncontrollable urge to make a double wedding ring quilt.  What would you suggest I do with them?

Teaching: Improvisational Quilting Class, Part II

We wrapped up the second session of my Split Log Cabin class on Saturday (you can see pictures from the first class here).  Since everyone had finished their homework, we were able to move into the process of finalizing our designs and finishing our quilt tops.  It was so exciting to see how everyone's quilts came together!

For more detail, see these on Flickr.

Most of the students were able to finish putting on the interior sashes of the quilt before the end of class, and some had even started on outer borders.

I hope everyone sends me pictures of their finished quilts!

Thank you!

The talented quilter, Marianne Haak over at The Quilting Edge nominated me for the Liebster Blog award.  Marianne's quilts have been dazzling me from her Flickr pool for awhile, but she just started her blog, so head over there and check it out!  My fellow East Bay Modern friend Dan's blog, Piece and Press made her list as well!

But, here's the sweet little catch to getting this award, you have to follow some rules!
  1. Link back to the person who tagged you with the award!
  2. And pass the award on to 3-5 blogs you recently discovered.
  3. Our goal is to highlight some newer blogs (not the ones with already hundreds of followers) and introduce them to the blogging world!
 My Google reader is full of great blogs, so after searching through the list (it's a REALLY long list!), here are my three picks.  You'll just have to take a peek at them to figure out why I like them!
Papaver Vert
Kathryn Clark
Kim Eichler-Messmer

Inspiration: Amish Quilt Book

After listening to this podcast by Pat Sloan with Julie Silber, I rushed right over to Amazon and ordered the out of print book, Amish, The Art of the Quilt.

It's based on the Esprit Amish quilt collection that I've heard about for years, but never had the opportunity to see.  Below are a couple of my favorites:

 What an amazing (and amazingly heavy!) book! 

Teaching: Improvisational Quilting Class

On Saturday, I taught my first improvisational quilting class and it was so much fun!
The busy work-room

The class is based on my split log cabin quilts. (You can see my green one here and my blue one here.) It's so cool to watch other people take that design and interpret it into their own styles. The color and fabric choices (oh, that wool flannel!) are wonderful. This was the first in a two-part class and I'll post more photos of the works in progress after our next meeting! Hope everyone does their homework!

If you live in the San Francisco area and are interested in signing up for this class, you can register for the next session at New Pieces Quilt Shop. Class starts March 1 at 6:15 pm!  All levels of quilting ability are welcome!

Making: Pinwheels Quilt

I like pinwheels.  So I designed this quilt.
Pinwheels Quilt designed in EQ6

I made it using the Brenda Hennings paper-pieced half square triangle method called Triangulations, which I thought was neat and worked pretty well.  Here's how it turned out.  It's a really large quilt, so it was difficult to get the whole thing in one picture!

Pinwheels Quilt

Back of the Pinwheels quilt

Then I saw this video on Bailey Girl Five's blog and I can't wait to make another one using this technique!

Making: Stacks and Stacks of Playmats

This is what I've been working on this week.
Quilted Baby Play Mats

...and it's only Tuesday!

Completed: Hand Quilted Crib Quilt

I had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas break.  I ate lots of cookies and did lots of hand quilting.
Blue and White Diamond Crib Quilt
I have made hand-quilted quilts before, but this is the first quilt I've made using such traditional quilting designs. 
Hand quilting detail
I think it turned out lovely!