A Quilt Block for October.

I had so much fun making this block! 

Happy Halloween!

Teaching: Improvisational Confetti Class

A couple of weeks ago, I taught my Improvisational Confetti Quilt class for the first time.  Because I often work in an improvisational way, not planning before I cut, or worrying too much about how I sew it together, I forget about how hard it can be to step away from "perfection."  I always have a great time in class telling people to "just cut it!" and yelling across the room, "put down that seam ripper!"  (I promise, my classed ARE fun - not scary...right?!) Sometimes my students listen to me, but sometimes, they struggle with being afraid to go "off pattern" and letting wonderful things happen organically.

Making a Confetti Quilt Class - October 2011
Confetti Quilt Class at New Pieces Quilt Shop, October 2011
In this class, some may have had a bit of a struggle, but look how beautifully the work came out! 

Ah well, I might be more comfortable with improvisational quilting, but I bet all you perfectionists that think ten steps ahead would kick my butt at chess.

Making: I Love 30's prints!

I have an entire shelf devoted to 30's prints, but I rarely get to use them.  Now they're off the shelf and have made it up onto the design wall! 

Basketweave Sweets Quilt - In Progress

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2011

This year, I only had 2 hours to spend at PIQF.  Definitely, not enough time.  Here are a few quick pictures of quilts that caught my eye as I ran past.  You can see more detail over on Flickr.

Some pretties from PIQF 2011

Amazingly, the first quilt I saw at the show was created in my Split Log Cabin class!  It turned out great, Barbara! 

I think I only got through about half of the show before it closed and I had to run to my Hawaiian applique class with Jean Brown.  It was a hectic afternoon, but I had a great time!