I'm in a book!

Oooh!  It's so exciting to get presents in the mail, especially when it's a book and it's even more special when I have a hint as to what's inside! On Friday, I received a copy of Joen Wolfrom's new Color Play book.

This a great re-issue of her very popular Color Play book from 2000.  She contacted me awhile ago to see if she could include my Silk Indian Orange Peel quilt in the book - and here it is - practically on the first page!

I must confess that although I love working with color, I haven't delved too much into color theory.  I've made my share of color wheels in various art classes in the past,  but overall, I've preferred to pick colors intuitively.  Looking through Joen's book though, makes me want to get a little more technical!  Here's an example of one of the "color lessons" in the book:

Doesn't that look like fun? 

P.S. Joen also has a color class on Craftsy, if you're interested!

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