Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

I think that just coming up with dinner to feed your family every night takes a very high level of creativity and craftiness, but the women in my family have somehow always managed to do that and find time to do their own thing.  My Aunt Kathy has always been one of the most talented artists in our family, plus, when I would visit her house as a kid, she'd buy my sister and I any kind of cereal we wanted, so you know we love her a LOT!

My Aunt Kathy hard at work!
Ten years ago, after studying jewelry design in Italy (how cool is that??), she opened her own shop, Tailored Treasure, and has been going strong ever since.  And when I say strong, I mean, she has been a one woman design and manufacturing factory!  She has so many different, one of a kind, handmade designs and somehow they are all still really affordable!  You can tell she really has a great time creating her different pieces.

My aunt is also a survivor of breast cancer.  This month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness month and she's donating a portion of the proceeds from her shop to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  She's also offering free shipping between now and Christmas with the coupon FREESHIP14.

I just ordered a couple of really cool necklaces.  I can't wait till they get here!  Here's what I ordered:

Cool, huh?  I've recently was thinking about how I need a simple necklace, so the hexagon and ring one is exactly what I needed, and how could I pass up silver and rhinestones?  So go over, check out her shop, get free shipping, and some really beautiful, handmade jewelry, all while supporting a great cause!

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