Learning: Back in the classroom!

I have been taking a bit of a break from teaching quilting over the past year.  I've been busy acquiring some new sewing machines and some new skills.

The longarm that took over my living room in April.
The turquoise beauty that I couldn't live without.
My latest acquisition, a vintage Yamato serger. She's scary fast!
I've even taken a few classes myself!

I went to MQX in Portland and took TONS of classes from some great longarm quilters, like Claudia Pfeil (above), Gina Perkes and Karen McTavish.
I took an improvisation workshop by Sherri Lynn Wood with other Modern Quilt Guild members from around the Bay area.
But, now I'm back in the classroom!  I will be teaching my Improvisational Basketweave quilt pattern this upcoming Sunday (Feb. 24 & March 3) at A Verb for Keeping Warm from 1-3 pm.  If you live in the area and have been wanting to try quilting without using rulers OR rules, sign up!  If you can't get here, don't fret.  I've published the pattern over on Craftsy.  It's not quite as fun as meeting a bunch of great people and chatting while you sew, but it's the best I can do until some genius invents teleportation!


  1. Congrats on becoming a new long-armer. I know you will do great things with it. ;-) It was nice meeting you at Stitch Modern on Friday and I thank you for sharing your hanging knowledge.

    1. Thanks, Jane! Let me know when your show is up so that I can come by and check it out!

  2. I happened upon your blog this morning and had to chuckle, because I got a midarm set up last summer, and out went most of the living room furniture and now there is a king sized quilt frame in there!

    And, I just finished a quilt last night that so reminds me of the quilt that you have lying across your frame. If you want, check it out on my blog here: http://www.tropicslady.com/2013/02/scare-the-gators-2/

    And also my beauty of a sewing machine: http://www.tropicslady.com/2009/11/my-new-old-machine/

    Gotta love the older, sturdy machines, right?!!

    Peace, Deb

  3. I love those green machines! Wouldn't they look good in Eli's green collection. Congrats on the teaching.