Learning: Strips and Triangles and Geometry - Oh, My!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to take a workshop with Rita Hutchens through one of our local guilds, EBHQ.  I've been a fan of Rita's geometrical work since I saw her on Simply Quilts and she made magic happen from strips of fabric sewn into tubes.  I used some of her techniques on a quilt I started work on last summer (but haven't shown any pictures of yet!) and wanted to learn more, so I was excited to sign up for the workshop.
Rita showing us how she creates Tube magic!

It was a full day of sewing, with some bits of math and geometry thrown in, and I was exhausted by the end of it! Good thing I had an extra-large latte keeping me company.

By sewing fabric strips together and cutting them into the correct angles, you end up with so many different (and fun!) shapes.

Here's what I made.  I love how the Licorice Fizz fabric pops against the solids.

I'm so glad she's worked out the equations for me, and I'll be referring back to my hand-outs often.  There is NO WAY I would have had the ability or the patience to figure this stuff out!

These are some fun shapes that Rita made using her technique.
One of Rita's quilts. All of these pieces started as strip sets!
If you can't take one of her workshops, you can still learn her techniques by purchasing her books or patterns from her Etsy shop, and watching her YouTube channel.


  1. Looks amazing...I have her book but have never tried her method yet. Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

    1. It was a pretty cool workshop. I have no idea how I'll incorporate these new tricks into my quilts, but it gives me some interesting ideas!

  2. I wish I took her class! Her quilts are amazing, especially when you see them up close. I love her process; it's so crazy when she explains it.