Learning: Fat Thread Quilting with Mary Mashuta

I've been wanting to take Mary Mashuta's Foolproof Machine Quilting class for awhile, and finally, the stars aligned, my Saturday was free, and the class had a couple of empty spaces.  I've been adoring Mary's quilts for a long time.  I had her Cotton Candy Quilts book continually checked out of the Berkeley Public Library for months at a time until I finally found my own copy, so I was really excited to take a class from her.

She uses a process of quilting that doesn't involve marking your quilt top.  Instead, you use contact paper cut-outs to create designs that you then stick onto your quilt and quilt around.  She also uses very thick threads, and I love that look!

Here are a couple of my class samples. 

I can't wait to use this technique on a bigger project!


  1. Fabulous! How great that you got to take the class with her! (Mary Mashuta's work and also the work of her sister Roberta Horton both really helped fuel my interest in quilt making when I first began.)

  2. A great opportunity! Your class samples looks great.