Let the Cuteness Begin!

I'm an auntie!!!  My sister has a new baby, so I feel like that gives me a good reason to go gaga for cutesy.  Right?

Here's the stack I'm starting with, some thick cozy flannels.

Jumpin' Monkey flannels from Cathy Heck Studio

And when I've worked my way through that, I'm moving on to the cutest of cute featuring LOTS of PINK!

Emma, also from Cathy Heck Studio
Where did I find this hot off the press fabric?  I just happen to be in the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild with one of the design team!  Thank you so much, Ellen!


  1. Congratulations...how exciting, the fabrics are so cute.

  2. Thanks for posting! I love the colors you picked from each group. I hope they help you out in all your new-auntie duties.

  3. Can't wait to see your auntie creations!! Please send us pictures. And I love your post title ... I think we might have to borrow that as a tag line for Cathy Heck Studio! Let the cuteness begin!

  4. Such great designs!! Enjoy the cuteness while it lasts! My 'little' neice just turned 18! For her birthday she had her tongue pierced and got a tattoo! They grow up too fast.

  5. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! Those flannels look so soft and inviting!