Antique Half Square Triangles

This is another antique quilt that lives at my Mom's house.

Another of my Mom's Lovely Quilts

The fabrics in this one remind me of the calm, sepia tones that are popular in Japanese quilting right now.  Right before I posted this, I found the cute brown fabric with the little colored red balls has been almost exactly reproduced by D's Selection fabrics from Japan.  What a crazy coincidence that my friend, Mary, just happened to purchase some of it the day I was writing this post!

Anyone know what the name of this block is?  I found one similar to it called "Birds in the Sky," but it only had 3 half-square triangle blocks.  This one seems more like the entire flock of birds, not just a few... (I admit, I'm too lazy to look through hundreds of blocks to find the name, but I'd love to know!)

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