Happy 1st Birthday TAFA!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Textile and Fiber Art List, founder Rachel Biel made a video highlighting some of the wide variety of artists involved.  Guess who's quilt made the "cover!"  You can see more about the many members of TAFA (230 members and counting from over 23 countries!) on the TAFA website.


  1. Congrats on the 'cover'! Love this quilt!

  2. Very deserving, I love that quilt!

  3. Thanks for posting our video, Stacey!

    We have an incredibly talented group and I love it that you are a part of TAFA!

    And, for anyone else who sees this, TAFA is having a makeover! If you have graphic design skills, jump in and become a part of our logo competition: http://www.tafalist.com/p/new-site.html

    There are some nice prizes for the winner... Woo hoo!
    Spread the word and make it fun!

  4. Congratulations!! Your quilt looks beautiful on the cover. : )

  5. Thanks, guys! There's a lot of amazing talent on the TAFA website. I'm honored to represent!