Shopping: My Latest Obsession - Peppermint Tea Vintage

I live in California, but this summer, I'll be staying with my mother in Virginia as she recovers from some surgery.  Although I'll miss some things about my Berkeley home and studio while I'm away, I'm very excited about spending the summer in a hot and humid place (I'm crazy, I know), and I will also have lots of extra time for quilt making!   I've brought two huge suitcases full of fabric, borrowed my sister'sewing machine, and set up a temporary, but very functional studio for myself.

But, then I got sidetracked and I decided to open a vintage home shop on Etsy.  Let me explain.  Over the years, my mother has acquired quite a collection of collections.  Everything is gorgeous and lovely, but she needs to simplify a bit.  So, now I'm obsessed with my little flea market shop over on Etsy which is called Peppermint Tea Vintage.  My goal is to list 5 new things a day, and at that rate, everything might be on the site by the end of June.  Pretty crazy, huh?  It must be the humidity.

Every once in awhile I manage to tear myself away from the computer and get some sewing done, so in the next post, I'll show you what I've been making.  In the meantime, if you're interested, you can keep up with all the "decluttering" I'm doing around here on the Peppermint Tea Facebook page.

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