Blog love

Can the chain letter of quilty blog love come around twice?  Yes, it can!  Waaay back in January, Mari from The Quilting Edge nominated me for the Liebster Award (more details here), and now I've been nominated again by Mary Ramsey Keasler at Fiberliscious! In the spirit of spreading the love, it's now my turn to nominate a few blogs that I enjoy reading.

So, here's the list - go check 'em out!
Toefeather - I am loving the block a day done in solids.  The colors are spectacular!
Aunty Cookie - A blog that makes me laugh out loud and fabric designs that I love.
Pings and Needles - Another funny lady!


  1. Oh my goodness I am so AMAZED that you have noticed my little project and HONORED that you nominated me for a Liebster Blog! Thank you EVER so much!

  2. Hi there and THANK YOU for honouring me too!!

    I'm a little behind on my blogging, but will catch up and pass the award along any day now ... I've got a stinking cold and just want to shut my eyes, which doesn't help sewing or typing much!

    Thank you again :)