Learning: Hawaiian Quilts

I love Hawaiian quilts.  I've been flirting with the idea of making one for ages.  I've collected tons of books on the subject.  I even took a class from the amazing Jean Brown.  But, alas, the block I started in her class lies buried in one of my cabinets - a sad study in poor applique.  I'll keep trying, but I'm just not sure that it's my thing.  Oh, how I wish it was!

Recently, my family celebrated spring break in Maui.  It was a great vacation.  So many wonderful surprises.

Humpback whales...
...sea turtles (That large round "rock" to the right of me!)...
...teensy, weensy frogs...
...and quilts!
We stayed the last couple of nights in Makena, and instead of having boring resort art on the walls, they chose to decorate with Hawaiian quilts!  There was no information about the makers or the patterns, which was a shame, but the quilts themselves made me very happy.   I ran through the hotel snapping photos (sorry for the glare, they were mostly behind glass).  I spied one gorgeous, huge pineapple quilt inside a conference room that had the door cracked, but was too shy to interrupt the ongoing meeting and ask if I could take a picture.  It made me wonder what was behind all the other closed doors!


  1. Oh, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii! I can't get over that tiny little frog... how very dear. And what heaven you must have been in to see all those Hawaiian quilts. I too, think they are fascinating and it's on my wish list to try and make one someday. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your inspiration!

    1. My little budding biologist has some pretty amazing eyesight! When he showed us where he found the little tiny stones and squashed them all before I realized what they really were.

      The quilts were gorgeous. I was sad, though, that none of their history was documented. Even if they were contemporary quilts, the amount of skill in them was pretty amazing, and the makers deserved some credit!

  2. That is the smallest frog I've ever seen, or not seen. Amazing.


  3. Wow, that frog is incredible. And you just can't escape work, can you? Ha, not like you'd want to. Funny!

  4. I am soooo in love with Hawaiian quilts. I will tackle one some day! And I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Keep publishing and show us all your beautiful creations.