Stitch Modern - The Opening Night Extravaganza!

What makes Stitch Modern a better quilt show than any you've ever been to before?  We served wine!  Oh, and all the awesome people who helped make this show possible and the amazing quilts they put in it!

Food as Craft (thanks to Kristen Takakuwa!)

For those in the SF Bay area, the show will be up until the end of February.  Catch it Wed, Friday, and Sunday from 12-3 at the Piedmont Center for the Arts.  I'll be there this coming Wednesday night (February 8, 6:oo pm) helping to lead a public conversation exploring the topic of Modern Quilting.  There will be door prizes!

For those not in the area, you can catch the photos on Flickr.  I'm working on making a full gallery tour available online, but that hasn't happened yet, so stay tuned!

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