Inspiration: Japanese Tape

I think I might have a problem.
I can't stop buying Japanese tape.  Masking tape, shipping tape, scrap-booking tape.  Gotta have it all!
It's so pretty!


  1. I love it what are you going to do with all of it??

  2. i love it. where can i get some. it is the most awesome stuff i've ever seen! i do have lots of different plain colors of duct tape but not any with prints! hook me up with this stuff. i will place an order if i need to from you. let me know. soon! thanks for sharing.

  3. I ordered mine from this seller on Etsy:

    She shipped it directly from Japan and I got it in under 5 days. Pretty amazing service!

  4. I too, am quite obsessed with Japanese tapes besides Japanese fabrics. So luckily, I managed to build up a good stash of both before leaving the country for good, last week. Happy New Year from Dubai !

  5. These are so cool! I can see why you can't stop buying them. I'd be interested to hear what you do with them. Creative minds want to know!