Making: Pennant Bunting Advent Calendar

Oh my, did these ever take forever to finish!  I had this idea back in September that I could make up a bunch of sets in time for December 1st, and I barely finished two sets by the last week of November!
Advent Calendar
Can't wait until December 1!
Although I might not endeavor to make more in the future, I love how the two sets I did make came out.  I used my Cricut to make fusible fabric numbers and they turned out perfectly.  Here's a picture of what my cutting table looked like for the past few weeks!
Santa's Workshop

Update: You can now buy the pattern for the Pennant Bunting Advent Calendar on Craftsy!


  1. What a fun design! My kids would love one of these.

  2. What a cool, (and really pretty) idea!!

  3. Thank you! They really were a bit of a pain to make, but I love how they turned out!