Tools: Vintage Needle Cases

I love antique sewing accessories.  I found this sterling silver needle case in an antique store amongst a jumble of threads that was once someone's sewing kit.
It is sterling silver and embossed with a couple standing facing a castle and a Van Gogh sky.  It's so cool.  When you press the small button on the front, it pops open, like a make-up compact.  That's when all the needles fly out at you.
It's stamped with a patent from Jan. 12, 1904. 

This needle case is hand painted porcelain from Limoge.  It was a gift.  The needles tend to fly out of this one as well.  Flying needles, the price of beauty.


  1. How cool! Too bad they're not magnetic so the needles don't fly out. The things we take for granted .....

    I love wooden spools and I buy them when I find them and keep a big bowl of them in my sewing room.

  2. I love them, I like the idea of the needles fly out. The color of threads are so gorgeous, it is so privilege to collect these items.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. I also have a collection of wooden spools...maybe I'll show those off in another post! I always make too much quilt binding and the wooden spools are a pretty way to save the binding for the next project.

  4. I need to say that I'm quite a bit jealous - so beautiful! I'll keep my eyes out for ones of these on the flea-markets! Thanks a lot for these inspiring pictures!